The big question I get from my clients is about their investment.


        The investment is a commitment made by both parties. You're entrusting and  investing in Joe LaRusso Photo. My investment is to capture images as big and as memorable as say your wedding or  engagement, head shots, portraits, birthday, event, etc. The possibilities are endless. Creating memories that you want to cherish and share with family and friends for many years to come.


By investing in Joe LaRusso Photo you're guaranteeing those memories to last a lifetime, be it through printed photos, albums, keepsakes, etc. Or your job can be something as simple as an hour spent with me shooting a few portraits.


No matter what it is that you need photographed, doesn't really matter to you. All you want to know is that the photographer you hire is going to deliver YOUR product made EXACTLY to your expectations. THAT'S what you get when you hire me.


You see, my investment doesn't stop with the click of the shutter. My investment goes way beyond that.


It's the behind the scenes investment that I make,  the time I spend at the computer AFTER the shoot, editing your photos exactly to your liking. EVERY JOB is treated and handled the exact same way by

Joe LaRusso Photo


YOU are my most important client...


 I put the same amount of time, care and effort into every project I commit to. Big job or small it doesn't matter, and no two jobs are alike.


So when I'm asked why I don't list prices on my site I tell everyone the same thing. My prices are customizable to the individual hiring me for their particular job. Over the course of us sitting down and discussing what you need done, we will decide on a price that is fair and works for you.


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call or email me.